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Configuring your Insurgency: Sandstorm Server

Configuration for your Sandstorm Insurgency server is controlled by the following settings:

  • Travel Parameters: These are added to the Game Settings tab of the control panel. Travel parameters are always preceded by a question mark: ?

  • Startup Arguments: These are added to the Game Settings tab of the control panel. Startup Arguments are always preceded by a dash: `-

  • .txt files: Some game settings are made through .txt files located in Insurgency/Config/Server.
    These include admins.txt and mapcycle.txt,

  • Game.ini Configuration file: The basic configuration file for the game is located in Insurgency/Saved/Config/LinuxServer. Though there are many configuration files in that folder, all changes are made in the Game.ini file for Sandstorm: Insurgency.

Adding Travel Parameters and Startup Arguments:

To add Travel Parameters or Startup Arguments to your Sandstorm Insurgency Server, click on the Game Settings tab of the Nodecraft control pane. Then click on the blue button labelled Show Advanced Options, to reveal boxes for entering either Travel Parameters ("Server Settings") or Startup Arguments.



Travel Parameters ("Server Settings"):

Travel Parameters are always preceded by a question mark symbol (?). They're entered in the boxes under "Server Setttings" on the left side of Advanced Options section on the Game Settings tab of the Nodecraft control panel.

These include settings for:

  • Password:

  • Max Players:


NOTE: On the Game Settings section of the Nodecraft control panel for Sandstorm Insurgency, there is already a slider that will set "MaxPlayers".


Startup Arguments:

Startup Arguments must always begin with a dash ( - ). They're entered in the boxes under "Startup Arguments" on the right side of the Advanced Options sections on the Game Settings tab of the Nodecraft control panel.

  • Hostname (Server Name): Set the name of the server as it appears on the server browser (replacing My Server with the name of your choice).

    -hostname=”My Server”

NOTE There is already a setting on the Nodecraft control panel on the Game Settings tab that can be used for setting the server Hostname


  • Enable Cheats: Enable cheats for testing.

  • Set UDP Port Number: The UDP port that game connections are made to (replace xxxx with port number).

  • Set Query Port Number: The port that Steam runs server queries on (replace xxxx with port number).

  • Enable Logging: Enables log window.

  • Administration User List: Tell the game which .txt file to load to determine list of admins (those who can use the in-game admin functions).

  • Set Map Cycle: Tells the game which ,txt file to load to determine the map cycle for matches.


.txt File:

.txt files can be used for settings such things as:

Admins.txt: A list of all users allowed to use the in-game admin fuctions, for such things as kicking and banning players. Users are listed by their Steam ID number, with each user's Steam ID on a separate line inside the file.

MapCycle.txt: A file that contains a list of maps that will be cycled through in the matches.

These files should be placed in the following location:


NOTE If you do not see the folders Config or Server, you may have to manually create these folders.

The default names of these files can also be changed, and it's possible to have multiple versions of these files (all with different names). You can change which file is loaded by specifying the file name in the startup arguments -AdminList=(filename).txt and -MapCycle=(filename).txt

Game.ini File:

The file Game.ini is where the majority of the global settings are added in Sandstorm Insurgency.

You can find information about the global settings that can be added to the Game.ini file from a document released by the game's developers HERE.

Notes on Editing Game.ini:

When adding any settings to the Game.ini file, you must include the header from the section the settings come from. In the example picture below, we want to add the setting bKillFeed, and we have highlighted the section header for that command shown in the linked document above, as well as the bKillFeed setting.


after those are added to the Game.ini file, it should look something like this:


Each section header should appear only once in the file, so if you want to add more settings from that section just keep adding them below the first. For example, if we also wanted to also add bKillerInfo to the file, it would look like this:


There should be no empty lines between the section header and it's settings. If empty lines are added, the game will interpret it as a new section, without any header information telling it where to make the changes (and cause errors).

DO ADD an empty line before added a totally different section header for a new section (and its settings).

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