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How to Ban and Unban Players in Terraria

This article will teach you on how to ban and unban players on your Terraria server.

Banning Players

The command to ban a player from the server is ban <player> .

You'll want to find the "Console" page on your Nodecraft control panel and enter this command into the text box. Nodecraft's Console showing the ban command in Terraria

The banned player will then see this: An image of you being banned from a Terraria server

When a banned player attempts to connect to the server they will see: An image of You are banned from this Terraria server

Unbanning Players

There is no command to unban a player from the server. In order to unban a player you'll need to remove them from the banlist.txt file. This file is normally located in the Terraria folder.

You can find this file in the "File Manager" section of your Nodecraft control panel. Select the file and click the Edit button. Showing the banlist.txt file for Terraria

Inside the file you'll see 2 lines for each player you've banned. The first is their username, the second is their IP address. The contents of the banlist

After removing them from the file, remember to hit the Save button.

Then you'll need to restart the server for the change to apply, and that player will be unbanned!

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