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Adding Mods to Your Eco Server

Mods for the game Eco are now hosted on the site, which is a cross platform multi-game site for downloading and managing mod content.

Prior to this, mods were hosted in multiple locations such as the Eco forums, and then moved to an unofficial 3rd party site called "Eco-mods" (which can still be found HERE ). is now the officially recommended source for mods.

Log into the Site

To use all the features of, you will need to use an existing login, or create a brand new account.

You can actually download the mod files required for installing mods on a server without having a account. Features such as subscribing to a mod so it's automatically installed on your client will still require a login, though.

If you have already have accounts on any of the following services, you can use your login information from these services to log into (instead of making a new account):

  • Steam

  • Xbox Live


  • Google

  • Facebook

If you don't already use one of these services, simply create a new account on directly. The account can be made for free!

Browse for Mods on

On the site, you can select the game Eco, and see a listing of all the mods available.

A view of the mod listings for the game eco, on the site

Once you find an interesting mod, click on its thumbnail to visit its page. This mod shown below offers some alternative methods to reduce the production of toxic waste from the ore smelting process (called "tailings"), which can begin to pile up very quickly in game, and then poison the ground so nothing grows anymore.

a view of the page for an individual mod for the game Eco, on the site

Installing Mods on Your Eco Server

When you find an interesting mod you want to install on your server, scroll down it's page until you see a section called "Releases". This section has the links for actually downloading the file required for the mod. Most mod files will be in .zip format.

Click directly on a release file name to download it

If a mod has more then one release shown, one is usually marked with a "trophy" symbol (like the screen shot below) to show it's the most current one. You can also see the dates when they were added, to see double check which is newest.

A view of the releases section of a mod for eco, on the site

Upload to the Server

Once you have the file downloaded to your computer, upload the mod file directly to the "Mods" folder on your Eco server.

The "Mods" folder will already have a wide variety of existing folders there. You don't need to put the .zip file into any of those folders inside "Mods" (the game will take care of that for you).

Unzip the mod file

To finish the installation of the mod, you will need to unzip the file. You can unzip a .zip file in the Nodecraft file manager by:

  • Clicking the small box to the left of the zip file name

  • An "Unzip" button will appear at the top of the file manager.

Unzipping the file should create entirely new mod folders. Those folders shouldn't overwrite any of the existing folders that were already in the "Mods" folder. If a mod author had any special instructions on their mod page, follow those instructions as well.

Installing Mods on Your Game Client

You can install mods on your client in two different ways:

  • You can manually subscribe to mods directly from, and they will be automatically downloaded to your client. Subscribing to mods will require that you login into a account.

  • If mods are installed on a server, any players who join will automatically download mods directly from the server to their game clients. This is very convenient for public servers, where you want as many players as possible to join, so that you have a wide variety of skills and a healthy economy. The server will just send the necessary files directly to the players, without any extra work required!


You should now have mods installed on your server, and on your client!

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