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How to Become admin / owner in TShock

First, make sure you have Tshock for Terraria installed. You can do so from our One Click Installer! You can do this by going to File Manager -> One Click Installer -> Tshock.

From your Dashboard on the Nodecraft website, click on your Terraria server. Find the tab called "Console", you will be able to see a line that will show you your setup code. Nodecraft's Console showing the setup code for TShock

Alternatively, you can find this same code in the tab called "File Manager", then find the config folder.

Find the file called setup-code.txt . This file was formerly called the authcode.txt pre version Terraria 1.4. How to find the setup code for Tshock

Select the file in the "File Manager" and press the "Edit" button to open the file. The code in this file is going to be your setup code.

Open the game and connect to your server.

Use the 'enter' key to type in chat: /setup < setupcode > . An example image of TShock's setup command into the text box

You should then receive this message: Successful chat message printed by TShock of the setup code

Then, use the 'enter' key again and type: /user add < username > < password> owner . Pre Terraria 1.4, the owner command/group was called SuperAdmin. An example image of TShock's adding an owner command

Note: Replace everything inside the < > with your information, ie: /user add testuser testpassword owner .

If successful, you will see this: Successfully added to the owner group in TShock

Finally, enter : /login < username > < password >. An example image of TShock's login command Successful login to the TShock owner group


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