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Uploading an Existing World to Your Don't Starve Together Server

Uploading your existing world to your server here at Nodecraft is a straightforward and easy process. It just requires you to edit a couple of files, and we’ll show you how to do so!

Locate Your World Files

If you’re not sure where your world files are located, the game client can lead you where you need to go.

While you’re in the main menu on your client, click on the Data button in the lower left of the client; it looks like a folder.

A view of the Don't Starve Together client main menu with the Data button highlightedHere you will see a few folders, but the ones we’re looking for are these Cluster_# files. These are your world(s) folders.

A view of the world save locations for Don't Starve Together on your PCIf you have more than one cluster folder, and you’re not sure which one to upload, open any of these folders and inside will be a cluster.ini file. Open the file with a text editor, such as Notepad, look at the cluster_name line, and find the world you’re looking for.

A view of the cluster.ini file location inside of a locally saved world for Don't Starve TogetherGo back to the location where the Cluster_# folders are and zip up the folder with a compression tool - we prefer 7zip, but there are many other programs that can work just fine.

A view of a zipped up locally saved world for Don't Starve TogetherUpload to the Server

Head over to your server's Nodepanel and click on the File Manager tab on the left-hand side of the panel.

Navigate to the /.klei/DoNotStarveTogether folder, select the MyDediServer folder, and press the Delete button in the panel.

A view of the Nodepanel's File Manager for Don't Starve Together highlighting the MyDediServer folder to deleteNext, upload your world file to this same location, and Unzip.

You can upload files directly into the File Manager by dragging and dropping them to the panel, or by using FTP. If you’re unsure how to use FTP, we have a guide on how to use FTP here.

A view of the zipped locally saved world for Don't Starve Together, uploaded into Nodepanel's File MangerNext, we’ll need to rename the folder you unzipped. Select the file, click the Rename button, and change it to MyDediServer.

A view of the correctly renamed world folder for Don't Starve Together in NodepanelEdit the cluster.ini File

There are a couple of settings you’ll need to edit.

Click on the MyDediServer folder you just renamed, select the cluster.ini file and click the Edit button.

A view of the Nodepanel's File Manager showing the location of the cluster.ini fileNear the bottom of the file, change these two settings:

master_port = 11001

cluster_key = dst

A view of what settings to edit in the cluster.ini file for Don't Starve Together within NodepanelDon’t forget to Save your changes.

Add a Cluster Token

All that’s left now is to make sure you’ve added a Cluster Token to your server panel, Start up the server, and play!

If you’re not sure how to find and apply a Token, we have a guide on how to acquire a cluster token here.

Overworld Only Server

If you wish to upload a world that's the Overworld only, then there's just one additional thing you'll want to do.

Perform all the previous steps as normal, then go to the Game Settings - Advanced tabs in the Panel. Select the dropdown menu in the middle, and change it from Normal (Both Overworld and Caves) to Overworld Only.

A view of Nodepanel changing the necessary setting for the Don't Starve Together server to be a Normal (Overworld and Caves) to Overworld onlySave your change and Start up the server.

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