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Changing Maps on your Unturned Server

Changing Maps on your Unturned Server:

To change maps on your Unturned server it is necessary to edit a file called commands.dat.

This file is usually located in servers/unturned/server .

To get to this file, click on the File Manager tab on the left side of the control panel. Then click on the folder servers in the listing, then unturned, and then server.


To open the file commands.dat in a text editor, click the blue box to the left of the filename in the file manager. Then click the edit button that appears at the top of the file manager window.


NOTE: This file is normally blank, unless you have already added settings to it.

On any line of commands.dat, enter the following settings:

map (mapname)

Replace the (mapname) with the exact name of the map. For example:

map PEI
map Yukon


This is only a partial list of available maps for Unturned. New maps are added and removed occasionally, and some are added by mods so there is no way we can maintain a complete uptodate list.

Normal maps:

  • PEI
    (The default map for Unturned)

  • Germany

  • Russia

  • Washington

  • Yukon

Arena Maps:

The following maps are "Arena" maps, that are meant for PVP "Arena Mode" gameplay.

When you start, you will be inside a building and can't leave it until enough enough players join the map to start a match. Zombies do not spawn in Arena Mode maps.

  • Alpha Valley

  • PEI Arena

  • Monolith

  • Washington Arena

Misc. Maps:

  • Tutorial

A test map that demonstrates game mechanics and items, not normally reachable from within the game. You are trapped in a maze of demo areas with no way to get out.

Gold Member Maps:

Some maps you have to be a Gold Member to play on, known maps are (but not limited to):

  • Florida

Modded Maps:

if you are adding a map that comes from the Steam Workshop or another source, you will have to specify the exact name of the folder the map is packaged in. This may differ slightly from the common name the map is referred to by on the Workshop.

Maps that were previously part of the base game are sometimes removed, and posted in the Steam Workshop. These maps are sometimes then referred to as "curated" maps. These must be installed from Steam if you wish to use them on your server.

Removed Maps:

Some maps have been removed from the game, or are only available during certain specific times and dates. If you attempt to use one of these maps, it will instead default to loading the "PEI" map instead.

  • Festive PEI

  • Festive Russia

  • Halloween PEI

  • Paintball Arena

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