Installing Steam Workshop Mods and Maps to your Unturned Server

Last updated: 10/18/20
written by  Nodecraft Staff

Subscribe to Mods and Maps on Steam Workshop:

Subscribe to the workshop content normally. Let the content download to your Steam installation of Unturned on your local computer.

If you're going to use the automatic workshop download method described below, you will need to note the Steam Workshop ID numbers for each mod you want to install. Write them down as you subscribe to them in the Workshop.

An example of where to find the Steam Workshop ID number for each mod is shown in the picture below.


You can also pull up a list of all the mods you've subscribed to, if you enter the Steam Workshop, and click "Browse", then "Subscribed Items", as shown below. This list won't show the Steam Workshop ID number though; you will need to click on each one and wait for the workshop page to load in order to see the Steam Workshop ID number for each mod as shown in the picture above.


Automatic Download Method:

In order to use the automatic workshop ID download method, you must navigate to the unturned folder, which is inside the server folder in the main directory of the file manager. If you don't see an "unturned" folder there, it means you have not started the server as least once yet. The game will create a series of folders and files when it starts up. Once the server has started up, stop it, and when you look in the servers folder, you should see a newly created unturned folder.

Inside the unturned folder will be a file called WorkshopDownloadConfig.json. Just select that file by clicking on the box to the left of the file name, and then click on the "edit" button.



If this is the first time opening this file, you will see something like the screenshot below.

A view of the workshopdownloadconfig file for the game unturned

Add Steam Workshop IDs:

The list of workshop numbers needs to go in between the white square brackets usually found on the second line of the file. Put the cursor between the two square brackets, and hit enter a few times, until it looks something like the screenshots below.

editing the workshopdownloadconfig on an unturned server

A view of the config file for workshopdownloads in unturned, with space made to insert the workshop id numbers

Using the list of Steam Workshop IDs that you made while subscribing to them, add them one by one to the WorkshopDownloadConfig.json file.

In between the white brackets, put each ID number on it's own line. Add a comma after each ID number, except for the last ID number which needs no comma at the end.

Remove any blank lines from the config file, until it looks something like the screenshot below.

A view of the workshopdownload config file with two workshop id numbers added

Do not alter any other part of the config file, the other lines in the config are required for the config file to do it's job correctly.

When you're finished making edits, click the blue "save" button in the upper right corner.

Start the Server:

When you start your server next time, you will see in the console tab of the control panel that the Steam Workshop mods are being downloaded, and installed automatically. If you look, you will see the confirmation message shown below match the 4 Id's added in the picture above. Using this method, the game automatically sorts the mods into the correct folders (maps into "Maps", other items into "Content" in the /server/unturned" directory).


(the red block is the server IP, which we covered up for this picture)

A Note about Workshop Downloads for Unturned:

After the developer of Unturned switched the core graphics engine used by the game some time ago (Version 3.28), much of the content on the Steam Workshop became outdated and unusable in the game. The developers of the mods and maps had to update their creations to make them work with the major changes that were introduced in that version. Many mods and maps had been abandoned by their authors, and were never updated.

This became a huge issue, as people found and tried to use this outdated content on their servers, which usually resulted in the server instantly crashing.

Because of this, the developer had to add a feature to the automatic downloader that looks to see if the mod or map has been updated to run on the new Unity 2017 version of the game. If it has NOT been updated, the game will not download it. The game will skip that workshop ID and continue trying to download others on the list. If the entire list of Workshop ID numbers you have added to the file are outdated, it will skip them all. If the automatic downloader will not download it, we highly recommend that you do not try installing it manually. As mentioned above, this usually caused servers to crash instantly on startup

Also, as part of that same doublechecking process, the game can now detect that a mod you have added to the list requires another base mod to work correctly, and it will automatically download that other mod too.

Because of this feature, you may see messages in the console that it had downloaded less or more mods then you entered.

Manual Method of Installing:

Given how easy the automatic method is for installing mods, we're only including this method in case you are using mods that are not carried in the Steam workshop for Unturned.

Copy Files to your Server:

Navigate to the folder server/unturned/workshop on your server.

Inside you will see a Maps folder and a Content folder.

Upload mods to the appropriate folder: maps go into "Maps", and items/vehicles/objects go into "Content".

If the non-Steam Workshop mods will not load, contact the author of the mods for more assistance with how to properly load them.

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