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Copying, Moving, and Renaming Files in the File Manager

This guide will show you how to use some of the features of the Nodecraft file manager, allowing you to copy, move, and rename files or folders.

Select Items

Many features of the file manager require that a file or folder be selected first:

  • Click on the file name or small box to the left of it's name.

  • It will place a checkmark, and highlight the entire line in the file manager in bright blue.

  • Click on the same box again to remove the checkmark.

  • You can also click on multiple files at once.

You can also use various keyboard shortcuts such as CTRL and SHIFT to select multiple files at once.

A view of files in the Nodecraft file manager window

A view of the Nodecraft file manager showing a single file selected

Context Relative Buttons

Selecting a file or folder will also cause new buttons to appear above the file manager window. In the screenshot below, clicking on a single file caused the buttons for "Rename", "Copy", "Move", "Delete", and "Edit" to appear.

A view of an individual file being selected and context specific buttons appearing above the file manager

The buttons available will sometimes be directly related to the type of file. For example, if you select a .zip or a .rar format file, you will see a buttons labelled "Unzip" or "Unrar" appear above the file manager window.

If you select many different types of files, it will sometimes prevent certain buttons from being displayed correctly. Remove other files, or select only a single item, to make sure the correct options appear.

Selecting Multiple Files

At the bottom left corner of the file manager window, there is a small drop down menu, which gives you some options for quickly selecting multiple files.

A view of the select all options in the Nodecraft file manager

You can choose between options like:

  • Select All - places a checkmark next to all the files and folders.

  • Select None - removes the checkmarks from all the files.

  • Invert Settings - to flip the boxes that are selected.

Click on an option, and then click the "Apply" button to choose which files are selected.

Copy Items

Once you have selected files or folders, one of the buttons that will appear is "Copy". You can click on this button to have the Nodecraft control panel make a copy of the file, and simultaneously move it to a specific folder.

Clicking this button will open a pop-up window, that looks like the screenshot below.

A view of the copy file dialog box, in the Nodecraft file manager window.

"Select Destination"

The white box labelled "Select Destination" is actually a drop down menu:

A view of the Nodecraft control panel, showing destinations for copying files.

  • Click directly on the white box

  • This opens the drop down menu, and shows a list of folders

  • Click on a folder name to select it , and the drop down window will close

  • If you are already inside a folder, that folder name won't appear on the list

  • Click on the blue "Copy" button, and it will make a copy of the item in that folder!

A view of the copy file dialog box, showing the select destination dropdown menu

You may also see other options like /(main folder) and/or ../(up one folder).

  • /(main folder) will make a copy of the file in the main directory of the server, regardless of the location of the file originally.

  • ../(up one folder) Just copies the file to the folder one "level" above the current location.

If a file with the same exact name already exists in the destination folder, the file being copied will overwrite and replace it. There will be no warning message indicating that this will happen.

Move Items

The "Move" button will also open a small window, that looks almost exactly like the "Copy" feature described above.

Click on the "Select Destination" white box, to see a list of locations, and click on the "Move" button to move the file.

Like the copy function above, if you move the file to a location where another file has the exact same name, it will automatically overwrite and replace that file. There will be no warning message indicating that this will happen.

Rename Items

Select your file or folder, and then click on the "Rename" button that will appear. The rename option is only available when you have a single file or folder selected.

A view of the file manager in the Nodecraft control panel, with the rename button highlighted

This will open a small window around the file name directly in the file manager, as shown below.

a view of a filename being renamed in the Nodecraft control panel.

  • Click inside the white box and you can edit the filename.

  • Click the green "Save" button to save the changes.

  • You can also click "Cancel" if you change your mind, and don't want to rename the file.

Copy and Rename

It's unfortunately not possible to make a duplicate copy of a file directly in the same folder. In some operating systems (like Windows) if you make duplicates in the same folder, the operating system simply adds a number in parenthesis to the end of the file name, such as "file (1)" or "file (2)".

In the Linux operating system (which is used for all Nodecraft servers), it does not do this. It will not allow two files to have the exact same filenames. If two files with the exact same name are moved to the same folder, one will overwrite and replace the original. There will be only be a single file left.

This can be an issue if you just want to make copies of important files for a game before you change them, in case you make a mistake and need to start over.

One easy way to solve this issue, is to:

  • Copy the file, and select a different folder (ie, "up one folder")

  • Move to that folder

  • Rename the file

  • Move the file back to the correct folder.

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