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How to Find and Adjust Custom Server Settings for Your V Rising Dedicated Server

Looking to adjust your dedicated server or world settings in V Rising? This article will explain where you can locate the default configuration files and how you can use those to customize your server.

Create the Settings Folder

The folder where your config files need to be does not exist by default. In your File Manager go to the /save-data folder and create a new folder called Settings.

Nodepanel File Manager explaining how to create a Settings folder for V Rising

Locate Your Default Server Configuration Files

The two main configuration files that are used are the ServerGameSettings.json and the ServerHostSettings.json. These files are located in the /VRisingServer_Data/StreamingAssets/Settings directory.

While it is possible to edit these files directly in this folder, it is not recommended. Whenever the server is updated any changes to these files will be overwritten with updated settings.

Nodepanel File Manager highlighting V Rising config files and their default directory

Copy and Move the Files

Instead you’ll want to copy these files to the Main folder and then move them to /save-data/Settings, the folder created earlier.

Nodepanel File Manager how to copy V Rising config files to the main folder

Nodepanel File Manager showing V Rising config files in the correct folder

You can now look to customize both of these files.

Customizing Your Configs

The ServerHostSettings.json contains settings specific for the dedicated server. Look here for adjusting your server name which appears in the server list, adding a password, etc.

ServerHostSettings.json config with default settings in the Settings folder

The ServerGameSettings.json contains specific in-game world settings. This V Rising ServerGameSettings PDF has been created and announced through the V Rising Discord showing what these settings can be changed too.

Discord message from a V Rising dev providing a PDF link

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