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TShock Configuration Files

After installing TShock onto your Terraria server, many of the online resources for how to set up and configure your TShock Terraria server will tell you to look in a "TShock" folder on the server. Instead of creating an entire folder for those files, our installer automatically moves those config files for TShock to the "config" folder.

Inside the config folder, you will find all the configuration files for TShock

  • config.json - The main config for TShock, which replaces the "config.txt" file usually used by vanilla Terraria

  • tshock.sqlite - The default database file used by TShock for storage of information, unless you choose to configure TShock to use a different storage system (See below).

  • sssconfig - The config file for server side characters plugin

Setting up TShock to Use a MySQL Database

All Terraria servers hosted at Nodecraft include a MySQL database is provided entirely free of charge . This database is run on a separate device from your server, and uses no resources from your Terraria server.

If you wish to use the MySQL database instead of the SQLite database, please do the following:

  • Go to the Nodecraft server control panel, and click on the "MySQL Database" tab, and then click the large bright green button "create database". The "MySQL" tab will update

MySQL configuration within NodePanel

  • Go to the file manager view on the Nodecraft control panel, then navigate to the "config" folder, select config.json, and click the "edit" button

  • Edit the config.json file, and change the StorageType setting in config.json to mysql (all lower case). Enter the login credentials shown on the "MySQL" database tab of the Nodecraft server control panel on the following 4 lines of config.json.

TShock database configuration for MySQL

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