How to become an Admin in your Factorio Server

Last updated: 10/01/20
written by  Nodecraft Staff

This article will show you how you can give yourself and others admin privileges of your Factorio server.

Nodecraft Console

The easiest method to give yourself admin is to use the /promote username command in the Console of your Nodecraft Control Panel. You will know you're successful when the Console shows username was promoted to admin by <server>.

Nodecraft's Control Panel for a Factorio Server showing the Console and using the admin command

Manually Edit server-adminlist.json

You can add admins to your server by manually creating or editing a file called server-adminlist.json in the main directory of your File Manager. Using the /promote command in the Console of your server will also create this file automatically and add more players to it.

Nodecraft's File Manager for a Factorio server showing where the server-adminlist.json file is located Factorio's server-adminlist.json file contents Manually adding more admins to the server-adminlist.json file for Factorio

Admin Commands

These are some useful admin commands to use on your server, but by no means the complete list:

Command Description
/admin Opens the player management GUI.
/ban (player) (reason) Bans the specified player.
/unban (player) Unbans the specified player.
/demote (player) Demotes the player from admin.
/kick (player) (reason) Kicks the specified player.

For a comprehensive list of various commands you can use on your server, check out the Factorio wiki:

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