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Adding World Modifiers to Your Valheim Server

This article will show you how to add and change world modifiers for your Valheim dedicated server. World modifiers allow you to customize different options to increase or decrease how challenging you want your server to be. There are several different modifiers, such as combat difficulty, resource gains, and raid frequency.

World Modifier Options


Presets are a good starting point for your server, as they’ll change several different Modifiers at once. You can further tune your server by setting individual modifiers (see next section of options).

Format: -preset <value>

Example: -preset hard




Modifiers are for when you want more control over how your server behaves. You can also use these to fine-tune a preset (see previous section).

Format: -modifier <modifier> <value>

Example: -modifier combat easy


Modifier Value
combat veryeasy easy hard veryhard
deathpenalty casual veryeasy easy hard hardcore
resources muchless less more muchmore most
raids none muchless less more muchmore
portals casual hard veryhard

Keys (Toggles)

Keys or toggles are a way for you to configure your server further. These are basically on/off type of settings.

Format: -setkey <value>

Example: -setkey passivemobs



If you’d like to know further information about what each modifier does, we recommend checking out the Valheim Wiki.

Adding the World Modifiers to Your Server

Startup Argument

You’ll add these world modifiers to your server as a Startup Argument for your server. Startup arguments need to be set before the server is turned on, so make sure your server is offline first.

Within Nodepanel, go to the Game Settings tab on the left-hand side, and then click the Show Advanced Options button.

A view of where the Advanced Options are in Game Settings tab within Nodepanel for a Valheim serverNew settings will appear in the panel, including the Startup Arguments text field.


Make sure to include the dash (-) before each world modifier.

Servers read startup arguments in order as written, therefore we recommend setting a preset first (if you want to use one), then the individual modifier settings after.
Setting a preset will overwrite previously set modifiers.
We’ll be showing an example and screenshot later on in this article, so don’t worry!

To add more than one world modifier, click on the plus (+) button on the right-hand side.

A view of the Startup Arguments text field for a Valheim server in NodepanelHere’s an example of us adding several different world modifiers to the Startup Argument field.

Make sure that the preset one is first, followed by the modifier and setkey options.

A view of adding World Modifier options as Startup Arguments for a Valheim server within NodepanelBe sure to press the Save button, and you’re all set to Start your server up and begin playing!

If you have any questions or run into any issues at all, please reach out to our Support Department!

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