Server Admin Console Commands

Last updated: 06/09/18
written by  Nodecraft Staff

Before using any of these commands, you will need to run the MakeMeAdmin command with your Admin password as configured with NodePanel. Once you've run this, you'll be able to use the commands below.

Command Effect
Cloak NPCs can´t see you and don´t attack you, even if you attack them
DamageTarget Value Damages the NPC or object in your crosshair.
DestroyTarget Destroys the target in your crosshair. (Be cautious when using this command, as it can destroy parts of the map when aimed on the world! If this occurs, restart to recover the missing map-part)
Fly Flymode
Ghost Invisible to other players – no collision mode, Noclip – you can pass through objects
God Gives you god mode – immortal, no damage, except from the cursed wall
Invisibility Makes your character invisible
MakeMeAdmin <password> Gives you admin privileges
MakeMeNormal Removes admin privileges
NoSprintCost Unlimited Sprint mode – no stamina drain while sprinting
PrintPlayerInfo Gives you the specific players Steam name + in-game character name (You can enter a players character name to get their Steam name or you can enter the Steam name to get their character
Spawnitem <ItemID> <Quantity> Gives you an item in the wanted Quantity
SummonPlayer <name> Teleport the player to your location
TeleportPlayer <name> <coordinates> Teleport the player to these coordinates
Teleport <coordinates> Teleport to these coordinates
ToggleDebugHUD Displays the current server performance, a list of all players as well as the current coordinates
ViewPlayer <name> Display a player
ViewSelf Display yourself
Walk Exit the fly, ghost or godmode

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