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How to Set Up VoIP for Your V Rising Dedicated Server

Want to yell at that vampire who just killed you, or talk to your clan in game? This article describes how you can set up server configuration to enable VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) for your V Rising dedicated server. This configuration will allow you as a player to talk to the players around you while on the server.

Sign Up for Unity Vivox

Before creating any configuration files that are needed, it is necessary to create and apply for an account with Unity’s product Vivox.

Go to the Vivox website and begin the process of creating an account. After you have finished signing up, your account must be accepted before you will be able to use Vivox for your server. This can take multiple days.

Be sure to read through Unity's Privacy Policy and Service Agreement as well.

Once your account has been accepted you’ll be able to access all the site’s feature and create an application for your V Rising server.

Create the ServerVoipSettings.json

In the Nodecraft File Manager locate the /save-data/Settings directory. This folder does not exist by default and must be created.

Nodepanel File Manager explaining how to create a Settings folder for V Rising

In this folder you’ll want to create a new file called ServerVoipSettings.json

Nodepanle File Manager highlighting the config location for ServerVoipSettings.json

Copy and place the following text into this configuration file.

    "VOIPEnabled": true,
    "VOIPIssuer": "",
    "VOIPSecret": "",
    "VOIPAppUserId": "",
    "VOIPAppUserPwd": "",
    "VOIPVivoxDomain": "",
    "VOIPAPIEndpoint": "",
    "VOIPConversationalDistance": 14,
    "VOIPAudibleDistance": 40,
    "VOIPFadeIntensity": 2.0

An example of the ServerVoipSettings.json in the Nodepanel File Manager

Create Your Vivox Application

Login to your Vivox account. After going through the tutorial go to the App Dashboard. At the bottom of this page you should see an option to create a new application.

On the first page give your application any name and genre. Game images are not necessary. On the second page select Vivox Core for your attribute and Windows for your platform, and then click to Create App.

Creating a Vivox application for V Rising page 1

Creating a Vivox application for V Rising page 2

This will create a Sandbox application which allows for 50 PCU (Peak Concurrent Users).

Fill in Your Configuration

Open your applications page on your Vivox Dashboard and find the Vivox API Info section.

Vivox App Dashboard highlighting the created Application

Vivox API Info for created application example

All of the information in this section will need be filled in to the ServerVoipSettings.json you created earlier.

Config Line Vivox API Info Location
VOIPIssuer Issuer
VOIPSecret Secret Key
VOIPAppUserId Admin User ID
VOIPAppUserPwd Admin Password
VOIPVivoxDomain Domain
VOIPAPIEndpoint API End Point

Once your config file has been filled in, you can start up your server and join! Make sure Voice Chat has been enabled in game.

V Rising Options Menu highlighting how to enable Voice Chat

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