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Enabling Cheats on your Unturned Server

In order to turn on cheats on your Unturned server, you will have find and edit the commands.dat file that controls server configuration.

commands.dat is located at /Servers/unturned/Server

A view of the Nodecraft control panel file manager, showing Unturned commands.dat file

Click the small square button to the left of commands.dat in the file manager, and then click the Edit button that appears.

A view of the Nodecraft file manager window, showing commands.dat selected and the edit button that has appeared.

and you should see the commands.dat file, which will mostly be empty

A view of the blank commands.dat file being edited.

Enable the Cheat Mode on the Server

While commands.dat is open, add the following line:

Cheats Enabled

It is case sensitive! Both words need to be capitalized. The commands.dat will look something like the screenshot below.

A view of the file manager of Nodecraft's control panel showing the file commands.dat being edited

If you save the file, and restart the server, your server will have cheats turned on. But only a player who has "Admin" status can actually use cheat commands, so you might want to set that too while you still have commands.dat open.

Setting the Server Owner

Server owners are automatically made Admins too, and you can give yourself server Owner status by adding another config setting to the commands.dat file at the same time you are enabling cheats.

Add the line:

Owner <Steam64ID>

A view of the config file commands.dat in Unturned being edited, to add cheats enabled and the owner setting

Replace <Steam64ID> with your actual steam ID number. The Steam64ID is a specific format of ID number used by steam. If you already know your own Steam64ID number, simply add it, save the file, and you're done. If you don't know your number the following section tells you how to find that information out.

How to Find your Steam ID

The easiest way to find it is by visiting and simply entering the username. However, it can also be done another way.

You can find your Steam64ID number by viewing your profile, if you have the URL bar enabled in Steam.

The URL bar looks like the screenshot below, so if you see that you simply need to view your own profile, and your Steam ID will appear as a long number at the end of the URL. Copy and paste your Steam64ID number and you're done.

A picture of the Steam launcher, showing the url bar

How to Find the URL Bar

Click on the "view" option, on the menu in the upper left corner of Steam, and then click on "settings" in the dropdown menu that appears.

A view of Steam's Launcher, showing how to reach the settings page

On the "settings" window, click on "interface" on the left side.

A view of Steam's launcher, showing how to reach the interface subpage in settings

On the "interface" page, find the setting for "Display Steam URL address bar when available", and click the box to the left of it.

A view of the interface settings page, showing display steam url being selected

Now you should have the URL bar enabled, and simply view your Steam Profile page, and the long number at the end should be your Steam64ID

If no number shows at the end of the URL bar?

That usually means you have a custom URL set on your profile page, and that will prevent the number from showing as part of the URL. Don't disable your custom URL, as another customer could then take it, and begin using it.

Instead you can copy and paste the URL onto this online tool, and it will show you your Steam64ID number (as well as some other formats of ID numbers used by Steam).

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