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How to acquire a cluster token

Don't Starve Together requires that server owners specify a cluster token before the server is online and allows players to join. Acquiring a cluster token is very easy as long as you own a copy of Don't Starve Together on Steam.

NOTE: The first method shown below actually opens up a window in the Steam game overlay, and just displays your Klei account info directly from their website. You can also just go directly to the website and log in there if you wish, and follow the same steps.

Generating Cluster Token by Klei Account

Launch the game on Steam, and hit "Play" on the first menu.

Click on the Account tab as shown in the following image: A view of the title screen of Don't Starve Together, showing the Account button.

This will open the Steam overlay window, and another small window will appear with your Klei "User Info" displayed (all the private information has been covered by red bars in the screenshot below). The size of the "User Info" window can also be made larger by dragging out the size of the window, if you want.

In the upper right corner of that "User Info" window, click the three lines to open a menu. If your window is wider, then the options will be across the top of the page instead.

The Steam overlay showing the user information for a Don't Starve Together account

Click "Games" on the menu.

User Info menu in Don't Starve Together

Then click the orange button "Don't Starve Together Game Servers."

Don't Starve Together servers button in the Steam Overlay

This will open a page titled "Servers", like below.

A view of the servers window for Don't Starve Together User Info window

Scroll down to the bottom of the page, and you should see this...

A view of the add new servers button in the Don't Starve Together User Info page

At the bottom of the "Servers" page, you will see a button for "Add New Server." This is where you get the cluster tokens!

Above it is a box labelled "Cluster Name" where you can give the cluster token a user-friendly human label, just so you can remember which server the key is for.

Once you enter a label for the token and click the "Add New Server" button, it will appear in the list of tokens on this "server" window. Scroll up, find the correct label, and then copy and paste the entire string of text that appears (they are blocked out with a red bar in the screenshots shown).

On your Nodecraft Control panel, click on the "Cluster Token" tab, and then paste the entire string of text into the box shown and save it.

A view of the Nodecraft control panel showing the cluster token box.

Save and restart the server. Your server will now be online, and players will be able to join it shortly.

Generating Cluster Token by Console

  1. Launch the game on Steam, and hit "Play" on the first menu.

  2. Hit the ~ on your keyboard, which is directly above the "Tab" key on most keyboards, this will open the debug window, which causes a brown box to appear on the screen.


  1. In the brown box, copy and paste the following command and press enter:


It will look like nothing happened; that is completely normal. It created a text file in the game files, and doesn't print any confirmation message.

  1. Click ~ again, to close the debug window.

  2. Click on the "Data" icon Dont_Starve_cluster_token_data

This will open a view of the local files. In the list you will see a file called cluster_token.txt. That is the file that was generated by running that command.


  1. Open the cluster_token.txt file with a text editor and you will see a long series of numbers, letters, and punctuation. That's your cluster token! By the way, these tokens generated this way through the console will also show in your account on the Klei website, and when you view your server information these tokens will be listed as "Lua Console Generated."

  2. Copy the token into the Cluster Token section of the NodePanel UI, and hit Save. Don't Starve Together NodePanel Cluster Token UI

  3. Restart the server and it should appear online shortly.

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