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How to Quickly Join Your V Rising Dedicated Server

Having difficulty finding and joining your V Rising dedicated server? This article describes how you can quickly do that with a server from Nodecraft!

Locate the Server List

On the game’s Main Menu click Play then select Online Play.

The V Rising Play Menu highlighting the Online Play selection

Next select any Game Mode and click Find Servers in the bottom right-hand side.

V Rising Gamemode Menu highlighting the Find Servers button

Then select Display all Servers & Settings.

V Rising Recommended Server's Menu highlighting display all servers button

You will now see the entire list of V Rising servers.

Direct Connect and Join Your Server

You can manually join the server quickly by entering its IP address. Click on Direct Connect at the bottom of your screen.

V Rising Server List highlighting Direct Connect button

In the Server text box enter in your server’s IP address.

V Rising UI for entering in the server IP address to connect to the server

On Nodecraft Dedicated Servers, your IP Address will be located at the bottom of the Overview tab in your instance’s server panel.

Nodepanel v2 Overview tab of a V Rising Server highlighting the IP address

Once that has been entered, click Connect and you will join your server!

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