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What is a Steam Auth Token?

Valve now requires certain game servers to register a server with a specific Steam account. They acomplish this with a feature called Game Server Login Token or GSLT. This token will uniquely register your server with your Steam account.

Creating a GSLT

  1. First you simply need to head over to the following link and login to your steam account:

  2. Next you'll need to identify the unique Steam App ID relevant to your server. For Nodecraft customers you can find this ID on the Steam Auth Token tab in NodePanel. You can also reference the table below.

  3. Once you have generated the token you only need to paste it's value into the form on the Steam Auth Token tab in NodePanel.

Nodepanel Gmod Auth Token

Game App ID
Counter Strike: Source 240
Counter Strike: Global Offensive 730
Garry's Mod 4000
Team Fortress 2 440
Left 4 Dead 2 550
Don't Starve Together 322330

Left 4 Dead & Counter Strike (original release) do not require a GSLT

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