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Golf Minigame in Terraria 1.4 Update

Golf is a new mini-game that was recently added in the Terraria 1.4 "Journey's End" update. It adds golf clubs, balls, and special hole "blocks" that can be added to the map.

These new items can be purchased from a new NPC vendor, called "The Golfer," which was also added in the 1.4 update. The NPC must be found in the underground desert biome first though, and after interacting with them, they will become available to move into any suitable NPC housing.

Golf courses unfortunately do not spawn naturally, and will have to be manually made in game.

Custom Terraria "Golf" worlds/maps are now available

But the good news is that many creative people are already making special golf worlds (or "maps" as some are calling them), which have pre-made golf courses, and uploading those worlds for others to play on!

In the official forums for Terraria, they have a page which lists some special golf worlds that have already been released, which can be viewed at More examples will surely follow, as the other creators have the time to make their own courses.

Many thanks to those talented creators who've put in time and effort to produce those for all of us to enjoy!

Playing different worlds with the same character

For those that aren't familiar with how characters and worlds work in Terraria, it's very easy to play on different worlds with the same character. This means you can play on the special golf worlds too, without having to abandon your regular world (where you're exploring, collecting loot, and fighting bosses).

The game normally stores player information in your client, on your own home computer. Your character, their gear, and the contents of their main inventory can be brought along when you join a new map. This also includes any items that add additional inventory "pages," like the piggybank, the safe, Dungeon Defenders forge, etc.

This means you can pop into a golf map to play, and then return to your normal world for more adventuring when you're done!

Switching between Worlds/Maps

On our Nodecraft Terraria servers, we have a GUI on the Game Settings section of our control panel for choosing which world to load (or create entirely new ones).

Select the world in Game Settings, restart the server, and it will have switched worlds. Your other worlds will remain as is, with all the progress that has been made. They can be re-loaded by following the same process again to choose which world to load, and restarting the server. You can also do the same thing by editing the lines in the serverconfig.txt file that shows the filepath and file name of the world to load. For more information, see the related article below.

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