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Disabling Noclip on Your Garry's Mod Server

Noclip is a setting in Garry's Mod that will give players the the ability to pass through what would normally be solid objects.

Normally it can be activated at will by players from an options menu, or by binding it to a key. In some gamemodes, Noclip can give players an unfair advantage, so it is commonly disabled on many servers. This guide will show you how to disable Noclip in your Garry's Mod server, by editing the server.cfg file to turn this off globally.

Locating the server.cfg file

To disable Noclip, you need to add a setting to the server's server.cfg file. This is a config file where you can place settings for controlling many aspects of a Garry's Mod server. server.cfg is normally located in /garrysmod/cfg, in the file manager section of the Nodecraft control panel.

The file server.cfg is usually present after installing, but it's normally blank inside (Garry's Mod has other config files full of default settings, which is uses unless you add them specifically to server.cfg).

Disabling Noclip in server.cfg file

Select the file by clicking on the box to the left of the file name, and then click the "edit" button at the top edge of the file manager. This will open a text editor directly in the file manager view.

Add the following to the file:

sbox_noclip 0

It should look something like the following screenshot:

A view of the server.cfg file for a garrysmod server, showing noclip being disabled

Save the changes to the file, with the blue "Save" button at the bottom of the window. Restart your server, and noclip should now be disabled on your Garry's Mod server.

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