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Adding MySQLOO to your GMod server

So you want to run a really big Garry's Mod server? You probably want a reliable way to track the happenings there. Like a database! Lucky you, Nodecraft already has a database set up. Here's how can make it work with Garry's Mod.

The file needed for the server

For this example, we'll be adding MySQLOO, but there are other MySQL libraries for Garry's Mod that can be installed in a very similar way. For MySQLOO, there is one required file that lets Garry's Mod talk to MySQL by adding Lua bindings.

The MySQLOO Lua Module

Go here and get the Linux build from the latest release. The latest one is at the top. The Linux build will be called gmsv_mysqloo_linux.dll. (Yes, it's a Linux shared object with a .dll extension).

Upload the Module

The module will need to be uploaded to this directory


For the gmsv_mysql_linux.dll file, you'll usually have to create the directory for it manually. Using the File Manager, browse into /garrysmod/lua, hit Create Folder, type bin, upload it there, and you're done.

Start the Server

After it starts up fully, it'll probably generate some configuration files. Refer to the documentation for your specific addon/gamemode for how to setup MySQL.

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