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Installing uMod/Oxide to Your Rust Server

This article will guide you through the process of installing uMod/Oxide onto your Rust server.

One Click Installer

On the left hand side of your NodePanel, select the One Click Installer page. Scroll down until you see uMod (Previously called Oxide) and select it. Showing the One Click Installer in NodePanel for Rust to install Umod

Make sure it's on the default option of Merge, and press the Install button. Showing in NodePanel Merging the Umod files for Rust with the One Click Installer

You're now ready to Start your server up. It will create the necessary folders for you to add plugins to your server.

Manual Installation

If you don't have access to our One Click Installer here at Nodecraft, here's how you will add Umod/Oxide to your server.

Download uMod Files

You will need to download the uMod files from their website: Our servers here at Nodecraft operate in Linux, so we will grab the Linux version of the files, if you use Windows, grab that version instead. Downloading the Linux files for Umod/Oxide from the Umod website

It will download the to your desktop for Linux.

Unzip the Oxide.Rust-linux File

Unzip the file on your PC. Inside, you will find a RustDedicated_Data folder that you will select, and inside that folder, select the Managed folder. You should see a lot of various Oxide.dll files. The file contents for Umod/Oxide

Select all the contents of the Managed folder, and create a zip file. Zipping up the files for Umod/Oxide to upload to your server

Upload to Your Server

Upload that zip file to the /RustDedicated_Data/Managed in your server's file manager, and unzip the files. The location in your File Manager you'll upload the zip file for Umod/Oxide Unzipping the Umod/Oxide zip file in NodePanel

You're now all set to Start your server, and the it will generate the necessary folders for you to add plugins to your server.

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