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How to Upload Your Existing Galaxy to an Avorion Server

This article while guide you through the process of uploading your existing Avorion galaxy to your Nodecraft Server.

Find the Galaxy Folder on Your PC

The first step is to find the save location of your galaxy on your PC. The default location for Windows will be C:\Users\(your pc username)\AppData\Roaming\Avorion\galaxies. Create a zip file of the galaxy you'd like to upload to your server.

The save location of your Galaxy for Avorion on your PC

Upload the .zip file to Your Server

In your Nodecraft Control Panel, go to the File Manager page on the lefthand side, then go to the /galaxies folder and upload your .zip file you just created. You can do this by clicking the "Upload" button in the file manager, dragging and dropping it directly into the file manager, or using FTP. There will be an /avorion_galaxy folder already there, it is your choice if you want to delete this folder or leave it there. It's another galaxy that you can easily use and swap between if you wish.

The Nodecraft control panel's File Manager showing the galaxies folder for an Avorion server

Be sure to also Unzip the Zip file you uploaded!

Change the Settings to Use Your Galaxy

Now, there's a few settings that need to be changed to direct the Control Panel to load up your galaxy.


In the "Game Settings" page on your Nodecraft Control Panel, change the Galaxy Name text field to match the name of the galaxy folder you uploaded. A good thing to note is that some operating systems don't like spaces in folder names. It'll be a good idea to replace any spaces with underscores _ in both your galaxy's folder name as well as the Galaxy Name text field.

The Nodecraft control panel's Game Settings page showing how to change the Galaxy Name

There are a few settings that we recommend you double check in your server.ini file, located in your galaxy folder. If you want to know what every setting does in the server.ini file, there is a server.ini - readme.txt just below the server.ini file your File Manager that you can look at and see what each setting does.

Setting Description
backups=false On Nodecraft servers, we recommend to set this to false, as we offer a built in backup system in our Panel
isPublic=true Enable to allow more players apart from a single administrator on the server
isListed=true Enable to list on public server lists
isAuthenticated=true Enable to authenticate users via Steam and do VAC checks. Only active when using Steam networking
useSteam=true Enable to use Steam networking. Highly recommended for public servers

The location of Avorion's server.ini file on a Nodecraft Server

You're now all set to start your server and continue playing on it with your friends.

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