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Support / Team Fortress 2 / Segmentation Fault Error

Segmentation Fault Error

This particular error is typically a result of either invalid files OR mis-configuration for the default server map.

Verify file integrity with SteamCMD

The easiest solution to try and fix this problem is to rerun the One Click Installer, which will run SteamCMD's Verify process. This will ensure your game files match their intended size and content. Once on your instance within NodePanel find the One Click Installer tab below the File Manager tab. Simply click the "Update/Verify via SteamCMD" button. Make sure to use the Install Method of SteamCMD.

Fix Default Server Map

Double check that the map name you have selected matches a map file, relevant to your current server files. If you're unsure which maps you can choose from please contact support or check to see if this UI is provided via the Server Settings tab.

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