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Understanding the "location is currently experiencing high volume" Error

If you’ve ever come across either of these 2 errors when you’re trying to deploy your server:

This server location is currently experiencing high volume. Try another location or contact support for more information.

A view of the error that can appear when you're deploying your server from your Dashboard, when a location is full.


No availability. {location} has no availability. It's unlikely you will be able to deploy unless you choose another location.

A view of the error that can appear when using the world map to select a location to deploy a server, and it is full.

you might be wondering what they mean exactly.

We use physical bare metal hardware for our servers - we don’t simply use VM cloud services. We have to order, rack, and deploy bare metal with our hardware and network partners to support our infrastructure. If there is a massive uptick in server demand, it can take some time for hardware to be shipped, installed, and configured,.

When selecting a location to deploy your server, you can see how much availability we have at each of our physical locations via the map. The map uses your browser’s information to detect your location. You can use the ctrl+scroll wheel to scroll in or out to see more of the map. You can also click and drag around to see the other continents with their locations as well.

A view of creating an Instance (server) within Nodecraft's Dashboard, with the Select Location option highlighted.A view of the Datacenter Location map when you're creating a server with Nodecraft.

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