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Palworld Server Admin Commands

At its initial launch, Palworld offers a few commands for dedicated server owners. If you've created your own server or use Nodecraft to instantly host your server, you can use these commands in either In-Game or via RCON.

Advanced Sysadmins: stdin / Input Commands Do Not Work Palworld only supports RCON or In-Game commands.

After further testing these commands, we found that you can use either the Player UID or player Steam ID, when targeting players for commands. If you need help learning how to list players on your server, check out the Nodecraft Palworld Moderator Guide.

Below is a list of server commands that are currently available:

Command Description
/Shutdown {Seconds} {MessageText} Gracefully shuts down server with an optional timer and/or message to notify players in your server.
/DoExit Forcefully shuts down the server immediately. It is not recommended to use this option unless you've got a technical problem or are okay with potentially losing data.
/Broadcast {MessageText} Broadcasts a message to all players in the server.
/KickPlayer {PlayerUID or SteamID} Kicks player from the server. Useful for getting a player's attention with moderation.
/BanPlayer {PlayerUID or SteamID} Bans player from the server. The Player will not be able to rejoin the server until they are unbanned.
/TeleportToPlayer {PlayerUID or SteamID} INGAME ONLY Immediately teleport to the target player
/TeleportToMe {PlayerUID or SteamID} INGAME ONLY Immediately teleports target player to you.
/ShowPlayers Shows information on all connected players
/Info Shows server information
/Save Save the world data to disk. Useful to ensure your Pal, player, and other data is saved before stopping the server or performing a risky gameplay option.

Within Nodecraft's Control Panel, Nodepanel, you can type in those commands using the Console tab on the left-hand side.

A view of Nodepanel's Console tab for a Palworld server, sending commands via RCON

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