Day of Dragons Server Commands

Last updated: 07/25/21
written by  Nodecraft Staff

Day of Dragons offers various commands admins and players can use to better control their player, and the server.

Current Commands

Command Description
/players List all players currently connected to the server
/ping Display your server ping
/anyadmins Displays how many admins are currently online
/stuck Get unstuck
/online Make your online presence visible
/offline Make your online presence hidden
/server Display the name of the server
/version Display the game version
/@ {announcement} Sends an announcement to all clan members (must be a clan officer to use.)
/c {message} Sends a message to clan chat
/g {message} Sends a message to group chat
/l {message} Sends a message to local chat
/pvp Toggles PVP on or off on PVE servers
/admin Brings up the Admin panel (must be an admin on the server to use.)

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