Day of Dragons Server Commands

Last updated: 12/05/19
written by  Nodecraft Staff

Day of Dragons offers various commands admins and players can use to better control their player, and the server.

Player Commands

Command Description
/players List all players currently connected to the server
/pid Get Player ID
/loc Get your location on the map
/stuck Get unstuck
/growth Check your growth
/gender Check your gender
/group Create group
/leave Leave group

Leader Only Commands

Command Description
/list Check group PID
/invite <pid> Invite specified player ID to group
/disband Disband group
/transfer <pid> Transfer group leadership to specified player ID
/kick <pid> Kick specified player ID from group

Admin Only Commands

Command Description
/showtags Show player PIDs
/hidetags Hide player PIDs
/adult <pid> Grows specified player ID to full adult
/heal <pid> Fills specified player ID's health/bile/food/water bars
/goto <pid> Teleports you to specified player ID
/kill <pid> Kills specified player ID
/killself Kills your own player
/growself Grows yourself to a full adult
/healself Restores yourself with full health/bile/food/water bars
/hero Provides admin safety while helping solve any issues
/ban <pid> Bans specified player ID from current session.
This is not a permanent ban and the player will be able to rejoin the server after a restart.
/unban <pid> Unbans specified player ID from current session.
/boot <pid> Kick specified player ID from server

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