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Adding Plugins to Your Minecraft: Bedrock Edition Server

This article will guide you through the process of how to install plugins to your Minecraft: Bedrock Edition server using Cloudburst.

Install Cloudburst

On the left hand side of your NodePanel, click on the One Click Installer. Select Cloudburst (formerly NukkitX), and install it using either the Archive or Fresh Install method.

Installing Cloudburst from the One Click Installer in NodePanel Installing Cloudburst in NodePanel with the Archive method

Start your server up so that the necessary folders and files will be generated for us to upload the plugins into. Don't forget to type in the language you want to use in the Console of your Panel.

Selecting the language for Cloudburst in the Console of NodePanel

Download the Plugins

Be sure to download any plugins you want to use on your server from the Cloudburst website. Make sure to choose plugins that are compatible with NukkitX.

Upload the Plugin to Your Server

Now, upload your plugin .jar file(s) into the /plugins folder in your File Manager.

Showing the plugins folder for Cloudburst within NodePanel Uploading the plugin file for Cloudburst in NodePanel

Restart your server, this will ensure that the plugins are activated. Some plugins will generate additional config folders and files after the server has been restarted, just like this one we've added to our server. This allows you to further customize your server how you wish.

Showing the config folder that was generated for a plugin for Cloudburst in NodePanel

You'll want to be sure to follow any setup instructions each plugin provides from the author of the plugin. Remember that the server will need to be restarted after any changes to the plugin config files!

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