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Updating Your Minecraft: Bedrock Edition's Server Version

This article will guide you through the process of updating your server for Minecraft: Bedrock Edition hosted here at Nodecraft.

Backup Your Server

It is a good habit to backup your server before making any changes to it. It can save a lot of headaches and heartbreak if any mistakes happen along the way. You can create a backup of your server at anytime you wish by going to the Backups page of your NodePanel. Showing the NodePanel Backups page where you can create a backup of your server

Update Your Server with the One Click Installer

On the left hand side of your NodePanel, click on the One Click Installer link. Next, click on the green "Change Version" button. The NodePanel's One Click Installer for Minecraft: Bedrock Edition

Through the dropdown menu on the right, select the latest version of the game. Make sure the installation method is on Archive (it should be the default method) and click Install. Selecting the server version in the One Click Installer for Minecraft: Bedrock Edition in the NodePanel

Move Your Files to the Main Directory

The Archive installation method neatly packs away the contents of your File Manager into an _old_files folder and then installs the version you selected into the File Manager, keeping your previous files safe inside the _old_files folder, including your world progress. NodePanel's File Manager contents for Minecraft: Bedrock Edition, showing the _old_files folder

Now you just need to move your progress from _old_files into the main directory or root of your File Manager. Inside the _old_files folder you'll notice another folder with a timestamp on it. If you've updated your server several times, you'll notice more than one with different dates on it. The _old_files folder contents for Minecraft: Bedrock Edition in the NodePanel

Go into the folder with the latest date on it. Inside, you'll notice that these files look very familiar. This is your server's File Manager contents before you updated your server. Select the worlds folder, permissions.json, whitelist.json, and files (you can also include any custom changes or files you've added in this step). Click on the "Move" button near the top of the Panel and select the /(main folder) option. Selecting the worlds folder and other important files for Minecraft: Bedrock Edition to migrate in your NodePanel The NodePanel's moving files GUI for your Minecraft: Bedrock Edition server

Start Your Server

Your files will now be in the correct place on your server so you'll be able to continue with your worlds progress where you left off! All that's left is to Start your server up and continue playing.

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