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How to Connect to your Garry's Mod Server

First, start up your server and copy the Dedicated IP Address for your server found in the Overview tab in your Control Panel. You'll find it under Server Information.

Where to find the Dedicated IP Address on your control panel

Next, open Garry's Mod. Click Find Multiplayer Game.

Find multiplayer game Gmod

From there, click Legacy Browser.

How to connect gmod server Legacy Browser

A window will come up that looks like this. Click on Add a Server.

Legacy browser connect to server

In the box, paste your Dedicated IP Address and then click Add this address to favorites.

Where to enter your IP address in legacy browser

Then, select your game and click connect!

How to connect to your Gmod server from legacy browser

If you're still having problems connecting to your server after following these steps, please don't hesitate to contact our support team!

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