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How to set Admins on Your Insurgency: Sandstorm Server

Admins on an Insurgency: Sandstorm server are set by adding a player's Steam64ID number to a config file called Admins.txt. Once added to this file, a player will be able to open the special admin menu, normally bound to the numbers pad "Minus" key.

Location of Config File

The Admins.txt file should be placed in /Insurgency/Config/Server. The last two folders, Config and Server, will not normally exist and will have to be manually created.

You can do this on the Nodecraft control panel by clicking on the "create folder" button above the file manager window. While inside the Insurgency folder, create a Config folder. Then go into the Config folder and create a Server folder. The Admins.txt file needs to be placed in that last folder, Server.

Create Admins.txt Config File

The Admins.txt file will need to be manually created. You can do this on the Nodecraft control panel, on the file manager section. Above the file manager window will be a button for "create file". When you click on this, it will open a text window editor. You can set the name of the file, and then directly enter information into the file. Make sure to set the name of the file as Admins.txt. The suffix .txt is required.

Inside the file, place the Steam64ID of each player you want to make an admin. Each number needs to be on a separate line. When you are finished, save the changes to the Admins.txt file.

We have a simple tool for finding a player's Steam64ID (and other ID numbers) at

Restart Server or Change Level to Load Admins.txt File

In order for the game to actually reload the Admins.txtconfig file, you will need to either restart the entire server, or use a change level command to load a new map.

Using Multiple Admins Config Files

The config file Admins.txt is the default name, but it's actually possible to have multiple different admin file (with different names), and choose which one the server actually loads by using a parameter setting on the server.

A parameter can be added to the "Advanced" section of the "Game Settings" section of the Nodecraft Control Panel to control this. The parameter is:

-AdminList=(file name)

You can change the file name section after the equals sign to whatever you want. This can allow you to have more then one .txt file for setting admins, and to quickly switch between them by changing this parameter, and restarting the server (or changing level).

You don't need to include the extender (.txt) in the file name, but it is case sensitive, so upper and lower case characters have to match.

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