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Troubleshooting Common PixARK issues

Unable to find server in server list

The PixARK server browser can be a little unreliable, so we recommend searching for your server outside of the game, via the Steam server browser directly. For more information about this, please see our article discussing how to quickly join/find your server.

Infinite loading when joining the server

This appears to currently be a common issue for a lot of users as reported on the Steam Discussion forum. A few common solutions are as follows:

  • Try joining a local singleplayer world first, and then join the server afterwards. From the main menu, hit "Local", and then "Single Player Mode".

  • Try disabling No Hang Detection (this can be done via your Game Settings page of NodePanel).

  • Verify your local game cache via Steam. Right click the game within Steam -> Properties -> Local Files -> Verify integrity of game files.

  • Verify the server's files via SteamCMD. (File Manager -> One Click Installer within NodePanel).

These solutions don't seem to work for all users though, and we're looking into further ways to resolve this.

Server doesn't startup

The PixARK server can be quite resource hungry; we don't recommend anything less than 3GB of RAM for the server to run effectively. If you're trying to run the server on a smaller amount of RAM, it may not start at all, or very frequently crash/disconnect players.

Players frequently timing out / being disconnected

This is generally a symptom of the server being resource starved. Upgrading the server's RAM will generally resolve these issues, though we do also recommend frequently restarting the server.

Chat blocked!

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