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Recommended Admin Commands for Operating a Rust Server

Rust has hundreds of commands and settings that can be changed, each providing tweaks to your dedicated server experience. This article aims to give you a starting point on which commands you should know to run your Rust server effectively.

Commands for the Server Console

The following commands can be entered directly into your server console or through Rcon. These commands and settings cover a wide base of options from adding admins to adjusting the rain chance.

Server Console Commands Usage Function
find find . Searches for a command, using "." will list all commands.
ban ban 76561198157725231 "REASON" Bans and kicks the target. Also makes an announcement to the server.
banid banid 76561198157725231 "REASON" Writes target to the banlist. Does not kick the player or announce the ban.
unban unban 76561198157725231 Removes a steamID from the banlist.
banlist List of banned users.
banlistex List of banned users that shows reasons and usernames
kick kick 76561198157725231 "REASON" Kicks target from server and makes an announcement to server.
kickall Kicks all users.
moderatorid moderatorid 76561198157725231 Grants authorization level 1 to the target.
ownerid ownerid 76561198157725231 Grants authorization level 2 to the target.
removemoderator removemoderator 76561198157725231 Removes Level 1 authorization from a user
removeowner removeowner 76561198157725231 Removes Level 2 authorization from a user
say say "Restart in 3 minutes!" Broadcasts message as SERVER
status Prints a list of current users in console including ping, IP, SteamID, & antihack violations.
players Shows connected Players
users Shows user info
server.writecfg Saves all changes made to player identities(moderators, bans, god, noclip) to the config file.
env.time env.time 0-24 Changes the time of day. 6 is Dawn, 12 is Noon, and 24 is Midnight.
server.globalchat server.globalchat 0 Enables or disables local text chat. Defaults to 1
weather.fog weather.fog 0-100 Adjusts the chance of fog
weather.rain weather.rain 0-100 Adjusts the chance of rain

Commands Used In Game

The following commands are recommend to be used in game after gaining admin authority, as the server console will not recognize or work with these commands.

In Game Console Commands Usage Function
inventory.give inventory.give "ITEM" "AMOUNT" Gives you a specific item and amount. Requires item shortname or code.
teleport teleport "playername" Teleport directly to targeted player
teleportany [entity] teleport horse / stone / etc Teleport directly to a specified entity
bind bind "KEY" "CONSOLE.COMMAND" Target key executes a console command.
debugcamera debugcamera 1/0 Toggles free cam.
ent kill Instantly destroys the entity you are looking at.
ent who Returns the steamID of the player who placed the object being viewed
god god 1/0 Enables godmode.
noclip Player model enters noclip (flying, ignores colliders)
respawn Respawns you on the beach as a newman.
spectate Allows you to watch a watch a random player.
spectate TARGET spectate 76561198157725231 Allows you to watch a specific player.
vis.attack vis.attack 1/0 Enables debug information for projectiles including rendering bullet trails.

For more commands and settings, we recommend checking out this list over at Corrosion Hour.

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