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How to Add a Server URL to Your Rust Server

Rust offers a very nice way for you to advertise a particular website of your choosing in your server's details in the server listings. It is the Webpage button you might have seen when you're browsing all of the different servers in the Rust server listings. This function is typically used to provide a direct link to a particular website, such a gaming clan or group, though you can also link your Youtube or Twitch page link as well!

The View Webpage button in the Rust server listings hosted by Nodecraft


Within our control panel here at Nodecraft, you can add the website of your choosing right in the "Game Settings" section on the left hand side of the panel. We have it set to our website by default, but you are more than welcome to change it! Just be sure to Save your changes and it will apply when you next restart your server.

Adding a webpage to a Rust server within NodePanel


You can also easily add your website link directly into your server's server.cfg file. This is normally located in the server/(server name)/cfg folders. Here at Nodecraft, that path is set to server/default/cfg, unless it has been renamed. Select the server.cfg file and click on "Edit". Within this file, you will add in the setting: server.url "your url link". Remember to Save your changes and then give your server a restart for it to go into affect.

Locating the server.cfg file for a Rust server within NodePanel

The server.url setting for a Rust server in NodePanel

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