Setting/changing the RCON Password

Last updated: 05/03/18
written by  Nodecraft Staff

Most source engine games make use of RCON - a protocol that allows server administrators to remotely execute commands on the server.

To set your RCON password on a Source Engine game server such as Counter Strike: Global Offensive, you'll need to follow the steps below:

  1. Head to your File Manager from within NodePanel.
  2. Browse to the /csgo/cfg directory, replacing csgo with your specific game of choice.
  3. Open, or create a server.cfg file. This file will be automatically executed by the server every time the game starts up.
  4. Add a line like the following (or edit, if it already exists), making replacements as necessary. It's important you use a secure password here, as anyone with this password will be able to execute commands on your game server.
rcon_password "my_sup3r_s3cr3t_password"

If you wish to entirely disable RCON, set the rcon_password value to a blank string, like so:

rcon_password ""

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