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Creating and Switching Worlds in Terraria

Creating a New World

You can create and set up a new world in Game Settings right from NodePanel! Once you are in Game Settings, select Worlds from the top of the panel and choose to Create New World. Create new Terraria World in NodePanel

World Setup Options

Here you can name your new world, input a world seed, or have one automatically generated for you by clicking on the very mysterious mystery box next to the World Seed field. You can also select world size from this page.

Please note that a small world will work fine with 1 GB of RAM, while a medium size world requires 2 GB of RAM, and a large will need 3 GB.

You are also able to select your difficulty level here. In expert mode, the game is significantly harder! You will take more damage from enemy attacks, special monsters spawn, special items can drop from monsters, and bosses will drop special loot bags with unique items in them. And if we haven't mentioned before, the game is much harder. Seriously, we're not kidding. Make sure to save your settings before exiting this page. Terraria World Settings

Switching Worlds

If you have more than one world and would like to switch between them, you can also do so within your Game Settings by selecting Worlds from the top of the panel and choosing "Select" on the world you would like to play. The world you have chosen will be highlighted in a wonderful blue and read "Current World" across the top. The newly selected world will be loaded the next time the server restarts. That's it! Easy peasy, right? Switching Terraria Worlds in NodePanel

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