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Mounting CSS Content to your Garrys Mod Server

Some addons for Garry's Mod require that additional content from other Valve source games be made available, in order for those addons to work correctly. This content is used by certain game modes (DarkRP being the most common one) to provide missing information for props and physics information needed by the game for it to work correctly.

Without this additional content, you will see things like money and weapons floating in midair (along with a whole bunch of error messages in the console).

DarkRP Re-uses Counter-Strike: Source (CSS) Content:

DarkRP (and other gamemodes) uses files from Counter Strike Source, a game made by Valve using the same "Source" engine that makes up most of Garry's Mod.

You will need to copy files from Counter Strike Source onto your Garry's Mod server, and then the files must be "mounted" by editing a configuration file, which will tell Gmod where the files are located.

1. Get the CSS Files:

You will have to own a copy of Counter Strike Source, so that you can get legal copies of the files needed.

If you already own a copy of Counter Strike Source, find the local installation directory on your computer and look for a folder called cstrike. Inside the cstrike folder you should see the following contents:


Select all the files, and use a utility program to "zip" them up, so that they can be copied and moved easier. If you don't have a utility that does this, we suggest using 7zip, as it's free, and very easy to use. You can download 7zip from here.

2. Create "cstrike" Folder on your Server:

Next, go to the control panel for your Nodecraft Garry's Mod server, and click on the File Manager tab. Make sure you are in the main directory. You can tell if you are in the main directory if you all you see in the file path box is a slash ( / ), like the example below:

Root Garry's Mod server directory

Click the create folder button.

Creating new folder on Garry's Mod server

Type "cstrike" in the white box for the folder name (all in lowercase). Click the green "Create" button to make the folder.

Creating cstrike folder on Garry's Mod server

3. Upload CSS .zip File to the Server:

Upload the previously zipped CSS files to newly created "cstrike" folder on your Garry's Mod Server. You can either use the drag-and-drop feature in the file manager, or an actual FTP or "File Transfer Protocol" client to upload the files.

An FTP client is faster and more secure (it double checks the content as its uploaded, and resends information if needed). We have a basic tutorial on how to use FTP in our knowledgebase, which you can view HERE

If you are using the drag-and-drop feature, click the "upload" button, or drag the CSS zip file into the window until the you see the upload target appear. Release the file in the "Drop files here" box and it will start the upload.

Uploading content to Garry's Mod server

Wait for the progress bar to finish uploading. Drag-and-drop is much slower then FTP, so it will be a while before it finishes.

Uploading CS:S content to Garry's Mod server

4. Unzip the CSS Files:

Once the CSS zip file is finished uploading, unzip the file. The Nodecraft file manager view has the ability to un-zip files, but the button only appears after you have selected a .zip file.

Click the box to the left of the .zip file, and then the unzip button will appear. Click it to start the unzipping.

Unzipping CS:S content on Garry's Mod server

5. Edit the "mount.cfg" File:

The last step is to edit the file mount.cfg. This file will let the game know where to go look to find the Counterstrike Source files.

To find mount.cfg, click on the folder garrysmod from the main directory, and then click on the folder cfg.

mount.cfg file location on Garry's Mod server

Click the box to the left of the file mount.cfg, and then click the edit button that appears at the top of the file manager window.

Edit mount.cfg file on Garry's Mod server

This will display the contents of the mount.cfg file, which will normally look like the sample below (this is the default unaltered file):

mount.cfg file contents for CS:S on Garry's Mod server

You will need to make the following changes to the file.

  • Remove the // from in front of "cstrike". These are "comment" characters, which tell the game to skip reading anything past the double //. So for the line to be used, they must be removed.

  • Change the file path name in the second quoted string to "/home/container/cstrike". Why does it need to be "/home/container/cstrike" when you don't see any folder called "home" or "container" on your server? Oh, they're there. Those folders are part of the backend system for Nodecraft that customers normally don't see (you normally don't need to deal with them, it's all handled automatically by our system). But in this one instance of adding CSS files to Garry's Mod, it's necessary for them to be in the filepath.

If the changes are all made correctly, if should look like the sample below, and you just need to save it.

Saving mount.cfg changes for CS:S content on a Garry's Mod server

Congratulations! You're Done!

You should have CSS content mounted in Garry's Mod, and in DarkRP, money won't be floating in midair anymore!

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