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Updating Your Minecraft Server

Minecraft updates are always exciting! This guide will show you how to update and get you back to mining for diamonds as quickly as possible!

Using the One Click Installer

Our One Click Installer is a handy tool that takes care of installing all of the necessary files onto your server. You can locate this by going to your Nodecraft Control Panel. The One Click Installer will be on the left side.

Selecting it will bring you to a screen where you're able to click on the green "Change Version" button. The One Click Installer showing where to change the version of Minecraft

Here, you will be able to choose which version will be installed.

Pro tip: The newest version will always be at the top of the drop-down list.

The One Click Installer showing the different versions of Minecraft to choose from

After choosing the version to be installed, you will be given some installation method options:

  • A "Fresh Install"will delete all of your files and replace them with an entirely new set.

  • The "Archive" method will allow you to save your files, including your world.

  • The "Swap" method will simply change out the core Minecraft jar file for the new one, all other files are untouched.

We highly recommend making a backup before doing any major updates, just in case!

For this example, we are going to choose the Archive option before clicking the install button. The One Click Installer showing the three different installation methods

A loading screen with a progress bar will appear. Once it has finished, the server has updated! Now all we have to do is move some files around. Luckily, it's a very easy process!

Moving Your World

Since we used the Archive method of installation, we will have to retrieve the world we were using and place it into the main directory again.

Navigate back to your File Manager. You should now see a folder titled _old_files at the very top of the list of files. This is where your previous files were packed up and sent to. We only need the world folder, though.

Click on the folder to view its contents. The File Manager showing the

You may notice many folders within _old_files depending on the number of times the server has been updated or the version changed. Locate the one with the current date and click on it to reveal its contents. The current date will be the first 8 digits in the file name, as seen in the screenshot below. The name of the file with the date it was made highlighted

Hey, look! There's your world inside the folder! Check the box next to it and click on the "move" button. The world folder inside the file manager with the

You will see directory options where you can move the files. Select the "main directory" before clicking the move button. A pop-up with a menu of directories to move the folder into

At this time, you can also choose to move other files like ops.json, which has your ops list, and the whitelist.json, which contains the players allowed on the server.

Going back to the main directory of your File Manager, you should see the files that were moved. The main directory will be a single forward slash in the path of the File Manager, as seen in the screenshot below. The File Manager showing the world folder now in the main directory

Hint: You can simply click on that slash to immediately go to the main directory

Setting a Custom World Name

If your world has a custom name, you will want to be sure the server reads it. You can set the name by going to your "Game Settings" page, then to the "World" tab. The game settings page showing where the world name is

You can either select the world using the drop-down menu or manually type it in to match the exact name of your world folder. Be sure to save the changes at the bottom of the page and then you're done!

Yes, it's that easy! Just start it up and enjoy your freshly updated server!

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