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Troubleshooting Issues with Minecraft Datapacks

This guide will help with possible fixes for some issues that can crop up when using Datapacks on your Minecraft server. Hopefully you won't run into any of these issues, but if you do these solutions might help.

Loading Order of Datapacks Can Cause Conflicts

Datapacks load in a specific order, and that order can possibly affect how they work. Changes added by one Datapack can be overwritten by others loaded later on. The author of a Datapack may specify what order their Datapack needs to be loaded in, so if you are having issues with some Datapacks it might be necessary to change their loading order.

The last Datapacks loaded actually have higher priority then ones loaded first, as their content will get layered over the ones loaded earlier, and can possibly overwrite content from those earlier Datapacks.

There are a series of commands for controlling the activation or loading order of Datapacks. These commands can be entered in the light grey bar at the bottom of the "Console" tab of the Nodecraft control panel, or in the in-game chat. These commands are listed in a separate article that can be found linked below.

Some Datapacks Require Specific Resource Packs

The installation directions for some Datapacks will sometimes mention that they require a specific resource pack to work correctly.

They should have a link to download the resource pack, but once you have the resource pack downloaded you will need to host it somewhere so that it can be used on your server.

We have an article on host to host a Resource pack on a file sharing site, so that you can use it on your server, HERE

The pack.mcmeta File is in the Wrong Location

If a Datapack will not load correctly, check the contents of the zip file. There needs to be a special file called pack.mcmeta at the highest level inside the .zip file for it to work correctly.

Sometimes this file is placed inside a folder inside the Datapack, which prevents the game from seeing and loading it properly. If the pack.mcmeta file is moved, it may allow the game to load the Datapack properly.

Checking Inside the .zip File

It's usually not necessary to unzip a .zip file to see what is inside of it. On your PC, simply click on the .zip where it was stored before you uploaded the Datapack to your server. It should show the contents inside of the .zip file.

You should see a data folder, and a file calledpack.mcmeta inside the .zip file. If you do not see the pack.mcmeta file, check inside the data folder by clicking on that folder to display the contents.

If the pack.mcmeta is inside a folder, it means it was not packaged correctly. You will need to unzip the file, move the pack.mcmeta outside the folder and then re-zip the file. Make sure the data folder, and the pack.mcmeta are not placed inside a new folder when it is zipped.

Re-upload the corrected Datapack to your server, and restart the server.

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