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How To Manually Install Tebex For Minecraft

Tebex Store supports direct integration with your Minecraft: Java Edition server via official plugins. Tebex’s Minecraft Plugin is called Buycraft. This is their old brand name, any mention of the word “Buycraft” in your server logs will refer to the Tebex Plugin.

This guide is going to walk you through how to install the Tebex plugin for your Minecraft server hosted with Nodecraft!

Create Tebex Account

If you haven’t done so already, the first thing you’ll want to do is to create a Tebex account. Here's their website link:

Tebex’s Control panel is where you’ll set up your store for your server, manage payouts, and where you can download the plugin itself.

After registering an account, you’ll be prompted to create your first Webstore, where you’ll give your store a name, description, and what version of Minecraft you’ll be playing.

A view of creating a webstore using Tebex for your Minecraft server

Download the Tebex plugin

The next screen you’ll be taken to will be covered in the next few steps.

First, you’ll want to download the appropriate plugin for your server.

A view of Tebex's website, creating your webstore, with the download plugin step highlighted

Install the correct Plugins Framework for your Nodecraft Server

Before you try to install/upload the plugin to your server, you’ll want to make sure you have the appropriate framework installed. We always recommend making a Backup of your server before you make any changes, that way you have a fallback point.

You can make a backup in the Backups tab of the Panel.

A view of the backups GUI within Nodecraft's Control PanelThen you can install the appropriate modding framework for your server using the One Click Installer tab in the Nodecraft Control Panel.

A view of the One Click Installer in Nodecraft's Control Panel, showing that Spigot is installed

Upload Tebex Plugin

Next, you’ll upload the plugin to your server into the File Manager tab.

A view of the File Manager of Nodecraft's Control Panel, with the plugins folder highlightedThe Spigot/Bukkit, Bungeecord, and Bukkit (pre 1.13) plugins will get installed into a /plugins folder.

The Sponge and Forge options will get installed into a /mods folder.

You can drag and drop the plugin directly into the File Manager to upload to your server, or you can use FTP.

Restart Server

If your server is online, you’ll want to reboot the server using the Restart button (or Stop, then Start it) so the server registers that the plugin is installed.

Get your Secret Key

Once your server is online, you’ll want to press the Copy Command button on the Tebex website and enter it into the Console of your server.

A view of the Copy Command highlighted for Tebex's pluginA view of the Console in Nodecraft's Control Panel, entering in the secret key command for Tebex's pluginThis allows the store to link to your server, and you should now see that there is a valid connection.

A view of the Tebex website confirming that the store has properly connected to a Nodecraft Minecraft serverAfter linking your store to your server with the secret key, you can also type the command /buycraft in-game to confirm that it is successfully linked.

Set up your Tebex Store

From there, after you press the Continue button on the Tebex website, you’ll be taken to the Tebex Control Panel, where you can configure your store for your customers!

A view of the Continue button highlighted on Tebex's website, so you can continue to configure your Minecraft storeIf you ever run into any issues or have questions about setting up your store, Tebex has extensive documentation:

If you have any questions about installing the plugin for your server, please reach out to us in Support!

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