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How to Enable Flying on Your Minecraft Server

This article will show you how to enable flying on your Minecraft Server hosted here at Nodecraft.

When flying is not enabled, a common error players will receive is: "Kicked for Flying, flying is not enabled on this server". This typically happens when your character's feet are not touching the ground for a few seconds, usually caused by a poor connection to the server. Enabling flying on the server prevents this from happening. It doesn't suddenly allow players in Survival mode the ability to fly. You will still only be able to fly with either a mod, plugin, being OP'd or being in Creative mode.

Enable Flying on Your Server

There are two ways you can enable flying on your Minecraft server hosted here at Nodecraft, and both are very simple!

Using NodePanel

To enable flying in your NodePanel, navigate to the Game Settings tab in the left hand side. Then, click on the Gamemode tab near the top of the panel. Scroll down until you see the "Flight Disallowed" box, click on it to have it now say "Flight Allowed". Click on the Save button further down in the panel, and then restart the server for the setting to apply. The Nodecraft Control Panel showing how to enable flying

Using The File

You can also enable flying in your file. This file is normally found in the main directory of your Minecraft server. To find this file in your NodePanel, navigate to the File Manager on the left hand side. Select the file, and then click the Edit button near the top. The Nodecraft Control Panel showing where to find the file in the File Manager

Inside the file, find the allow-flight setting and set it to true. Save the file and then restart your server for the change to reflect on your server. The contents of the file for Minecraft showing the allow-flight setting being set to true.

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