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How to Create a Biomes O' Plenty World for Your Minecraft Server

Biomes O' Plenty is a Forge mod that adds over 50 additional biomes to Minecraft. This guide will explain how to set up your server with this mod so that you can enjoy these biomes in a brand new Minecraft world.

Install the Mod

To use Biomes O' Plenty on your dedicated server you will need to have either a modpack installed or have installed Forge onto your server.


Not all modpacks will include Biomes O' Plenty on their mod list, so before we make any changes to the server we need to confirm if the mod jar is included in the pack.

  • Click on the File Manager on the server panel

  • Click on the folder named mods. This folder will contain all of the mods currently on your server.

  • Look through the list of jar files in here or search the File Manager in the top right, and find the jar file beginning with BiomesOPlenty. This jar file will have an associated Minecraft game version and a mod version.

  • For example the modpack of Pixelmon from ATLauncher includes Biomes O' Plenty with game version 1.12.2 and mod version

Nodepanel File Manager mods Folder with the Biomes O' Plenty mod file

Manual Install

To add this mod to your server manually go to the Biomes O' Plenty CurseForge site and download one of the jar files from there. When choosing which jar file for the server, here are a couple things to consider.

  • The jar file should match the general syntax as described above. BiomesOPlenty-GameVersion-ModVersion

  • The game version of the mod should match your server's game version. i.e. Biomes O' Plenty 1.15.2 will not work on a 1.12.2 server.

Once you have selected which mod jar you want download the file to your computer and then upload it to the mods folder on your server.

Change World Generation

To have Biomes O' Plenty enabled we will need to change how the server is generating a new world. That can be done in two separate places on your Nodecraft server.

Game Settings

Go to "Game Settings" page on your server panel and select the "World" tab. Once on this page you should be able to see the World Type dropdown menu.

Nodepanel Game Settings World tab for Minecraft highlighting World Type setting

If your server's game version is 1.15 or higher then select Forge: Biomes 'O Plenty (1.15+) which will change your World Type to be biomesoplenty . If your server's game version is below 1.15 then select Forge: Biomes 'O Plenty, which will change your World Type to be BIOMESOP.

Once you have selected the correct World Type for your server make sure to save your changes at the bottom of the page. File

To manually change the World Type for your server go to your File Manager and locate the file. Click on it, then select the "edit" button. Find the line level-type and change the value there to either be:

  • biomesoplenty for 1.15 and above

  • BIOMESOP for 1.12.2 and below

Generate a New World

Now that the server's world generation has been changed and Biomes O' Plenty has been installed you can now generate your Biomes O' Plenty world. If you have not generated a world already on the server you can simply start your server and a new world will begin generating. Otherwise you will either need to delete your previous world or create a new one in Game Settings under the World tab.

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