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Preparing Minecraft Modpacks: ATLauncher Files

Preparing ATLauncher modpacks is extremely easy, as their launcher has a feature that will produce server packs automatically from a modpack.

The jar files (both Minecraft and Forge), libraries, mods and any other necessary files are produced automatically during this process. The only thing needed is the ATLauncher itself, which can be downloaded from

Start up ATLauncher

Start up the launcher and sign in. Then, on the right side, click on "Packs" ATLauncher client with

Select the Modpack

On the following screen, find the modpack you want to make server files from, by either using the search bar at top or scrolling on the right side. For this example we will be using the modpack "Sevtech: Ages". This is a modpack we already have in our One Click Installer, we are simply using it as an example.

Create Server and Select Version

Once you located the correct modpack, click the "create server" button. ATLauncher showing the Sevtech: Ages modpack

This will cause a popup window to appear in which you choose the version to install. The most current version of the modpack will appear automatically in the window, since most people will be looking to update to the latest version. If you need an older version of a modpack click on the dropdown list and select an older version.

Click on the "Install" button to continue. Occasionally you will see a popup window with a message from the Developers, often thanking you for installing the modpack, or inviting you to join their discord channel. Click on that to close it and continue with the installation.

Occasionally as you install server files for an ATLauncher modpack, a popup window appear that asks you if you want to install optional mods along with the modpack. This pop up window does not appear on all modpacks. We recommend always selecting the "select recommended" button as majority of ATLauncher modpacks will need those mods. If you do choose to install other optional mods, simply click on the mods and a check mark appears. Then, click the "install" button. You will need to tell anyone who wants to connect to the server that they will need to select these same optional mods when they install the modpack on their client. ATLauncher pop-up for the

Wait for Files to Download

Progress bars will appear, and the necessary files will being to download. Wait for that process to finish. ATLauncher will popup a message letting you know when that has finished.

Zip, Upload, and Test

Navigate to the folder where ATLauncher was installed on your computer, and open the folder. Inside you will see the files and folders used by ATLauncher. Look for a folder called "Servers" and open it. Inside you will see a folder for each server that has been created. You can also navigate to the modpack on ATLauncher in the "servers" section and click on the "open folder" button. In our example, open the folder for Sevtech Ages. Inside the folder "SevTechAges" will be all the files needed for the server pack.

ATLauncher client showing where the The server folder for the

Open that folder, and inside are the files for the server!

Server files for

If you haven't created an instance for Minecraft yet, go ahead and do that now. Not sure how? Not to worry, we have a quick guide you can check out here: Instances Guide

In the File Manager, click on the "apply" button beside "select all" at the bottom, then "delete". The file manager should be completely empty now.

The file manager showing where the

In the main folder of the modpack on your PC, select all the files. Right click on them and zip them up. We prefer to use 7-Zip but you can use whichever zipping tool you prefer.

Server files selected with the menu showing where to add it to a zip

Upload that zip file to your server. That can be done by clicking the "upload" button in your file manager, dragging and dropping the file directly into the file manager, or via FTP.

FTP is generally the best way to upload files, especially large ones. FTP breaks the file up into small portions and sends each portion one at a time. It keeps tracks of what's been sent, checks it off a list when it gets to the other ends okay, and will resend if one gets lost. It also double-checks the integrity of what it sends, and will resend if any are corrupted. Here is a link to our guide on how to use FTP: Basic FTP Tutorial

Once uploaded to the server, select the zip file and click on the "unzip" button that appears. This should place all of your files into your main directory.

The file manager showing where the

Head over to the "Java Settings" page on your panel. Under the "JAR" section, select the drop-down menu and choose the Forge jar file. Make sure you click the save button!

The NodePanel java settings showing where to set the jar file

Finally, turn the server on! If all the steps were followed, then it should load up the modpack and go online! You can follow the startup process in the Console.

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