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Changing your world seed

Within Minecraft, a world, or level seed, is a key component used for the basis of world generation. When the game generates a new world, it uses this seed to generate terrain, etc. There are many great websites dedicated to listing and previewing world seeds, and as thus, changing the level seed to one more desirable is a very common task in Minecraft server hosting.

Preparing your server for a seed change

Before changing the seed, we recommend deleting any previously existing world files.

  1. Firstly, stop your server. Making any world-related changes to your server whilst it is running can result in data loss and world corruption.

  2. If you have a currently active world, we recommend creating a backup of it, just in case you wish to restore it in the future.

  3. Next, take a note of your current world name. This can be found via the Game Settings section of NodePanel, under the World tab. By default, this is simply "world".

  4. From within the File Manager, in the root / directory, you should see a directory by this world name.

  5. Select this world directory but hitting the checkbox within the file manager.

  6. Hit the "delete" button (or the delete key on your keyboard). You'll be presented with a confirmation window, and then once confirmed, this world should be deleted within a few seconds.

How to change your Minecraft world seed

  1. Now that your server is prepared, you'll want to head to the Game Settings section of NodePanel once again, and access the World tab.

  2. Here, you should see an input for a Seed. You can either hit the "random" button to have our system randomly generate a seed for you, or you can input a seed you have previously found or created here.

  3. Save the configuration, and restart your server. It should now generate a new world using this seed.

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