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How to Pregenerate a Minecraft World

Pregenerating your Minecraft world can help with server performance. This article will show you how to use a mod or plugin to pregenerate your Minecraft world.

Installing the Mod or Plugin to Your Server

You’ll first need to install a mod or plugin to do this. One example is Chunky. Chunky pregenerator has options for various mod and plugin software:
- Forge
- Fabric
- Spigot
If running modded software such as Forge or Fabric, install the mod by adding the mod’s .jar file to the mods folder on your server. Be sure to restart your server after uploading the mod in order to have it take effect.

Uploading a mod to a Minecraft server mods folderIf running a plugin software such as Spigot, or Spigot forks such as Paper, or Purpur, install the plugin by adding the plugin’s .jar file to the plugins folder on your server. Be sure to restart your server after uploading the plugin in order to have it take effect.

Uploading files to the plugins folder on a Minecraft server

Setting the Pregenerator Options

Using the pregenerator involves first, using commands to choose the options you want to set, then using a command to start the pregenerator. You only are required to set a world, center, and radius. However, you can further define how you want the pregeneration to run using the following commands:

Command Description
/chunky world <worldName> Sets which world or dimension to pregenerate.
/chunky shape <shape> Sets the shape for the pregeneration. Options include: Square(default), Circle, Triangle, Diamond, Pentagon, Star, Rectangle, and Ellipse.
/chunky center <x> <z> Sets the center of a selection based on x and z coordinates.
/chunky spawn Sets the center of the selection to the world spawn point.
/chunky radius Sets the radius to pregenerate out to.
/chunky worldborder Sets the radius to the vanilla world border. *Note, you must set a world border first to use this option.
/chunky corners <x1> <z1> <x2> <z2> Sets the size of the pregeneration using the x and z coordinates of two corners.
/chunky pattern <pattern> Sets the pattern determining the order of how chunks are pregenerated. Options include: Concentric(default), Loop, Spiral, and CSV.
/chunky selection Displays the current selection for the pregenerator.

*Note, if using the commands from the server console, omit the forward slash

Starting and Using the Pregenerator

Once you’ve determined which options to use for the pregenerator, the next thing to do is start the pregeneration process. To start the pregenerator. Use the command /chunky start. There are other task-management and miscellaneous commands which can be run while using the pregenerator.

Command Description
/chunky pause Pauses the current pregenerator task.
/chunky resume Resumes the currently paused pregenerator task.
/chunky cancel Stops the current pregeneration task and cancels the progress measurement.
/chunky silent Toggle update messages on or off.
/chunky quiet <interval> Set the time interval in seconds for how often update messages happen.
/chunky progress Displays information about the progress of the current pregeneration task.
/chunky reload Reloads the chunky configuration.
/chunky trim Deletes all chunks outside the current selection.

Pregenerating a Vanilla World Locally

If playing on a vanilla server, you won't be able to add mods or plugins to your server. You can however still pregenerate your world.

To do this, install Forge or Fabric to your client and install chunky to your client as well. From there, you can start a single-player world, pregenerate the world using the same commands mentioned earlier, then upload it to your server. For more information for how to do this, see our article on how to upload an existing single-player world to the server.

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