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Enabling command blocks on a Minecraft server

In Minecraft version 1.4.2 (Snapshot 12w32a), Command blocks were added to the game. These blocks can execute commands on the game servers, and quickly became a community favorite with custom adventure maps, gamemodes, and many other great use cases. Many adventure maps nowadays require command blocks to be enabled so they can function correctly.

How to enable command blocks


This is the recommended and easiest way to enable command blocks on your server.

  1. Head to the Configure section of your control panel.

  2. From within the Gamemode Settings Tab, ensure the Enable Command Blocks option is ticked.

  3. Hit "Save" and restart your server.

You can also enable command blocks directly via the file. This can be edited via FTP, or our File Manager.

  • Simply ensure that the enable-command-block is set to true, the file is saved, and restart the server.

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