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Integrating Tebex in Nodepanel

Tebex offers server owners the ability to monetize their server costs. They help users monetize and optimize their game servers with powerful features such as easy integration, webstores, and more.

Nodecraft's partnership and collaboration with Tebex allows you to instantly get setup with Tebex within just a few clicks, so you can monetize your server!


To setup a Tebex webstore for your game server, simply head to the "Integrations" tab within Nodepanel for a supported game.

Nodepanel integrations tab, highlighting the Tebex integration

  • From here, click on "Create Tebex webstore" whenever you are ready.

  • After confirming the creation, you will shortly receive an email from Tebex detailing the next steps.

Create Webstore

The email you receive from Tebex will look something like the following:

Email from Tebex with next steps for creating a webstoreFrom here, we would recommend you follow the Tebex onboarding wizard and documentation, more details of which can be found on their website. You will need to create a webstore, configure payment options, packages, etc. before your integration will be considered setup.

Final Steps

Once you have completed onboarding with Tebex, Nodepanel will update to show the following:

Screenshot of Integrations tab within Nodepanel, showing a completed Tebex integrationAt this point, a couple things should have happened automatically:

  • The necessary mod/plugin should have been automatically installed to your server.

  • And a configuration file with the necessary secret key and other options from Tebex should have been auto-populated.

If for any reason this didn't happen, or you need to reinstall it, we recommend trying the "reinstall integration" button within the panel, or following the Tebex setup guides on their website.

Further Configuration

At this point, your Tebex webstore should be setup and your game server ready to be monetized! There is so many things you can offer to your players with the assistance of Tebex, and we can't wait to see what you create.

If you run into any issues throughout configuration, please do not hesitate to reach out to our support team.

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