London skyline

We're now offering servers in London, England, which has been a highly requested location for a long time! With 2 other data-center locations in Europe, we're now able to serve the majority of the continent and provide a fantastic gaming experience to even more people. So grab a nice cuppa, curl up in front of your favorite game with your friends around the world, and enjoy an even better experience than before.

Deploy a game server in London now!

Launching service in London marks the 8th network location in the global Nodecraft game server cloud, and we're not done yet! With 37+ million players in the UK alone, this location furthers our expansion efforts in Europe, and gives players in the UK and other neighboring countries phenomenal latency for their game servers.

We're still looking for further expansion

If there's a region or location close to what you call home that you feel is under-served, please do let us know on the Nodecraft Community Feedback portal.

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