NodePanel 2 Update 2.2.0

It's that time again-- It's the monthly update! Our dev team has been busy adding more games, features, and overall improvements to our recently launched control panel: NodePanel 2. Here's a highlight of all the changes we've made:

We want your feedback!

We've added a Feedback portal to our site, and we want you to give us any suggestions, bugs, or improvements you'd like to see. We don't care if it's a silly idea, a fun idea, or just something you feel like we overlooked. We also encourage any game suggestions! Our team will be using the feedback from everyone's posts and upvotes, so come make your voice heard!

Minecraft Servers on Mobile, Windows 10, & Xbox are live!

Today's update adds server support for Minecraft: Bedrock Edition! With this server you can run your very own server and join with your Phone, tablet, Windows 10 PC, Xbox, and more! Our servers run on the open source project Nukkit, and we want to give a big shout-out to their team for all their hard work!

Servers are better with stats!

We need to admit something. We've been collecting stats on your server since we launched NodePanel 2-- we just didn't share. Now that we've double checked the numbers (yes, we did the math), and our customers have almost a month of data, we're able to start sharing. You'll find server graphs on the Overview of your server control panel.

Instance Stats Example

Mods & Plugins Manager are back!

This update includes a brand-new version of our plugin manager! We built a new system from the ground up so that we could easily add plugins and mod support for as many games as possible. To start, we've added support for Bukkit and Spigot plugins for all those Minecraft server owners that asked for it in our Feedback portal. You can install, update, and remove plugins with a click of a button!

More games are coming!

We're planning on adding at least 30 new games to Nodecraft customer servers by the end of 2018. The next games we're adding game server hosting for include PixARK, Staxel, & Unturned!

Here's a full changelog of all the changes that landed in this update:

  • [GAME] Minecraft: Bedrock Edition (Pocket Edition) support added via Nukkit
  • [ADD] Instance Statistics. Instance RAM, SSD, CPU and players are now displayed in a graph on your server overview. This data can be limited to 24 hours, 3 days, 1 week, or 1 month
  • [ADD] [Minecraft] Plugins Manager. Manage plugins from Bukkit Dev and Spigot Resources directly via your control panel
  • [ADD] [Minecraft] The jar selection UI will now query your files to show a selectable menu of jars available
  • [FIX] [Minecraft] whitelist settings not properly saving
  • [FIX] [ARK] Ragnarok and Aberration_P are now selectable maps for ARK: Survival
  • [FIX] Google Drive and OneDrive file uploads now work as intended
  • [FIX] Automated Tasks now display command inputs as expected
  • [FIX] Automated Tasks now display wait timers as expected

Have any suggestions, feedback, or games you think Nodecraft should add? Let us know on the official community feedback platform.

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