Introducing: NodePanel Our custom Minecraft hosting control panel. Built for you.

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It’s the next generation of innovative game server hosting. Our team built it from the ground up
to provide you with the fastest, most flexible, and powerful hosting experience.
Minecraft server hosting doesn't get better than this!

Powerful game server control panel
Handcrafted, just for you

We built every page, component, and system in NodePanel, to create the easiest yet most flexible control panel in our industry. This isn’t a product created solely for developers or sysadmins, it’s a product created by gamers, for gamers.

The entire experience is seamless. From editing files, to restarting, and even to switching game versions/mods, you’ll never leave the page. The server’s status and output is streamed directly to your browser using the latest technologies.

“EZ” File Management

One of the most incredible features we offer is our web-based file manager. You can edit, upload, and manage files directly in your browser; no need to download any confusing software with alternative logins. It’s as comfortable to manage files as you would on your own computer.

File Manager
Assume Direct Control

The console of any game server provides you with direct access to logs, admin commands, and other useful utilities. Kicking players, assigning admins, and even monitoring performance can all be accomplished right in your browser.

What sets our console apart is that it’s directly streamed from the server to your browser within milliseconds. Behind the scenes, NodePanel scans this output for events such as player joins, server crashes, and other useful information to provide you with a realtime glance at what is going on in your server.

Available anywhere

We also ship with two entirely free mobile apps, for both iOS and Android. Whether you're on vacation, or simply out and about travelling, these apps allow you to control your server status, and view its console output, directly from your mobile device or tablet.

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Unified access
Unified access

The typical experience you might be used to with server hosting, is that you’re provided a separate logins or even completely separate websites for the billing, support, control panel, and even FTP. You might need a password manager just to start your server!

With NodePanel, all of your services exist with one singular login. Access everything under one account, directly at No separate logins, no additional subdomains, no hassle.

It’s dangerous to go alone! Adding friends and family to your servers is really simple. Once they have a account, you can assign or restrict each feature in NodePanel for every user specifically.